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COVID has affected company, which has been giving music to the world for 156 years

The company felt the impact of the coronavirus pandemic already in January 2020. With the aim to overcome this tough period the company decided to apply for the COVID II guarantee program offered by the Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank.

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Contact systems of Hronovský company are mounted in cars almost all over the world

“As I saw the possibilities to react to demand in a more cheaper way than our collaborators supplying the than rigid state companies did, I decided to start my own business in this sphere as soon as it would be possible,” Josef Hronovský recalls. 

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He wanted to implement research results into practice, so he started his own business

Stanislav Němeček was involved in R&D for more than ten years. He tested materials and analyses their degradation. He liked his work but he regretted that the research results had not been implemented into practice. He established a company.

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Biomac reached success in Western Europe first and only then it has won the domestic market

„That was unacceptable for us. We had no chance to pay it back, never mind earn anything. We expected our profitability rate to be at 15-16%. Thanks God, we managed to obtain ČMZRB guarantee with interest rate subsidy. That helped us very much."

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